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Insomnia and the role of nutrients- part 3

This is the third part in a three part series on the role of nutrients in insomnia. Sleep apnea Sleep apnea is another common cause of insomnia and must be ruled out in anyone who suffers from insomnia. This article’s primary goal is to discuss nutrients and in the role
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Insomnia and the Role of Nutrients (Part 2)

Last time I began a series on insomnia, including the different types, and discussed blood sugar regulation. This time, we will discuss the role of neurotransmitters and  magnesium.   Neurotransmitters Many people have heard of tryptophan, which is an amino acid found in turkey, chicken, milk, cheese and eggs that
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Insomnia & the Role of Nutrients

  If you have ever suffered from insomnia, you know how frustrating it can be. You go to bed, only to find yourself laying there, watching the clock, or staring at the ceiling. Or perhaps you go to bed, sleep for a few hours and wake up in the middle
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Spotlight On – Broccoli Rabe

Most people I know are familiar with broccoli. but many have not heard of broccoli rabe (unless you are of Italian descent).  Broccoli rabe is a leafy green vegetable, that has 6-9 inch stalks and scattered clusters of broccoli- like buds at the top.  It is related to both the
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What is the difference between bleached and unbleached flour?

Bleaching is a chemical process that speeds up the aging of the flour.  Bleaching agents, such as benzoyl peroxide and chlorine gas) are used to produce a whiter, finer, softer flour.  The result of the bleaching process yields a flour that is softer, thus producing foods with a softer texture,
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Does apple cider vinegar burn fat?

I wanted to write about this topic because it seems like this claim is everywhere.  I used to work for a nutritionist that would tell his clients to do this.   When I googled that question, several different websites came up. When I typed this into the National Clinical Biotechnology Information
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What is bromated flour?

You may or may not have heard of bromated flour.  Flour that is bromated is flour that contains potassium bromate, which is commonly used in commercial bakeries to strengthen the dough and promote its rising.1 Bromate, when applied within the prescribed limits (15-30ppm), is completely used up during the baking
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What’s the difference between enrichment and fortification?

What is the difference between enrichment and fortification? Enrichment is the addition of nutrients to a food that were lost during processing to the same or a higher level than originally present.  Fortification is the addition of nutrients to foods that weren’t present originally. Read More
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